shes keep on getting thicker n thicker

najuwa kunawadau wameonja hii mali… i also want to eat it soo someone plzz share her contact [ATTACH=full]293254[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]293255[/ATTACH]

Toa hii takataka ya 001 hapa.

Nangoja number pia

Lipodystrophy is a problem with the way your body makes, uses, and stores fat. It’s also called fat redistribution.
common with antiretroviral (ART) treatments for HIV

Wewe wacha!!! Tutakula tu.

seems you know her on a personal leve;l?

Wasema nini ndugu :oops::oops::oops:

Ako na ukimwi

:smiley: Kama mbaya mbaya

Shay_evah on IG

Bana leteni contacts

Fattening is dangerous for her health. Tell her after sometimes, she will deflate badly!!

Only in Ktalk that you get “measured” with eyes and get declared positive.

Thicker to mean fat or thicker to mean stupid? Elongate


Ateh nini

Could also be because of birth control meds

Hii number ikuje as a matter of great forum interest

self quarantine, avoid this reckless behaviour, join MGTOW movement, you wont need to lay bottom of the barrel whore to validate your masculinity

piga punyeto pole pole