She's from the streets

I always wonder when I hear that phrase of a woman being from the streets. Usually it’s a man or group of men sitting in judgement over who is or isn’t from the streets. Just seen Meaghan Goodman is getting divorced by her pastor husband apparently it was doomed to fail because she was from the streets.

Let me tell you as someone who is also from the streets because I have been walking in Memphis, I mean Tom Mboya street, Mfangano street, Moktar Dadah street and the other streets. Men even so called Holy Joe men like Meaghan Goodman now exe husband have no moral authority to say who is from streets and alleys and cul de sacs. Hawana coz majority are too rotten that it’s a travesty to sit in judgement of anyone.

I am what majority humans would consider a good person, even my enemies say, oh roho Safi blah blah but I don’t think much of it because I believe what the Bible says, the heart is wicked and deceitful. I maybe here thinking how celestial I am of course after plenty of ego massages from others but well gimme the right circumstances and even the streets won’t be where I’m from.

As I am growing older I’m learning 2 things. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t be hard on others. Mind your own damn business. Don’t judge, that’s God’s job. If I have never been evil a day in my life, I would not understand that it’s possible for you not to be from the streets or a serial killer monster and still do evil shit. I have more compassion for those people who are from or are said to belong to the streets.

I rarely bother with human moral judgements because if a person like Future who has 15 baby mommas, who is the great whore of Babylon and a dead beat dad, who has such low self esteem that he needs to degrade women to feel like a man and to make it worse many men look up to him, is the man telling us who should be in the streets, I don’t know who will tell us who should be in hell.

Personally, I don’t follow men because wanaume wako na pandora box from here to Timbuktu. Just go watch a YouTube channel called Dawson and Denise. Yaani it’s all about pastors. My friend utashangaa. Pastor’s with big churches.

So I have just decided to follow Jesus, the funny thing is that Jesus was all about those people who were from the streets or belonging to the streets. I remember Pharisees saying, look at Him. A friend of tax collectors aka conmen, prostitutes and drunkards. That was Jesus possee. In our day red peelers would have classified him as from or belonging to the streets. FYI Jesus great grandmother Rahab was from the streets so…

I think this business of morally policing people especially by of all people men is an exercise in futility bcz alot of these people who you say belong to the streets will be in heaven and you who judging will be begging them for water. Just mind your own damn business bcz I know you are from the streets that’s why it bothers you who is and isn’t from the streets. A person can not comprehend an evil they’re incapable of.

To Meagan Goodman, your pastor husband may have divorced you but Jesus doesn’t do divorce. He’s the real deal and your relationship with Him is permanent.

Merry Christmas. Love and Light. Please remember that if you are a Christian, remarriage after divorce is adultery. You would think a pastor would know that but well I guess it’s all showbiz.

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You make a good point, albeit in a long-winded way. Yes there’s double standards and moral hypocrisy as regards virtue in our society.

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Have a Merry Christmas.

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