Sheppart's Pie

Don’t know if this was posted at any point. Guy’s of Vietnam wouldn’t mind getting their hands on your shepparts.

one man’s meat…

Is @introvert 's mongerel


Men’s best friend ! How dare you eat your friend ?

nairobigay niaje

Chinku ijaribu kunikulia umbwa…

naona kipara ya omosh imeanza kukuom

Hii imestunya na kuliswa omena buanaaa. Chinku akipata hii anaalika watu bas’ !!

NUKE VIETNAM!!! wapi john wick?

There was also one on South Korea. Like most things, they justify the same with culture & our ancestors did this. But currently in South Korea only 30% stated in a survey they eat dog meat. Slowly more of them see the practice as backward. But judging cuisine is a very slippery issue, just like the concept of ethics and right or wrong.