Shepart interrupts match.

Brazilian fans were treated to this epic display of agility and elusiveness after a dog halted a football match between Grêmio Esportivo Brasil and visiting Goiás Esporte Clube.
The dog took a particular interest in Goias defender Evanildo Borges Barbosa Junior, better known a Juninho in front of thousands of fans before chasing him around and trying to jump on him.
:smiley: talk of having a bad day. Mnafungwo hafalu bukusu shepart anakuvamia kwa uwanja…,%20chases%20player/sports/

is the crick a video or crazy monday manenos?

The dog just wanted to play with the guy.

How do you know that?
Unless you are a dog.

As a former and future dog owner, does one have to be labelled because they know a dog wants to play? Or is it lack of knowledge on basic characteristics of a dog?

Hafalu akafanya nini? :D:D:D

We had dogs growing up so it just seems obvious to me, but not for you. So here is my attempt at explaining why:-

The dog isn’t barking or growling. Angry dogs bark and growl A LOT!

You can see the dog running with a sort of “prancing” gait instead of a hard determined trot.

The mouth is open in a lazy, panting manner that looks more like a"smile" than an angry snarl or a pout.

Its ears are also relaxed and not that alert.

Very many people don’t understsnd dogs. Most people get bitten when a dog approaches then wanting to play, but instesd they hit them or run away thus spooking the dog.


faster than a walk but not exactly running…so “hard determined trot” is kind of an oxymoron…:smiley:

What is the word I am supposed to use? Couldn’t find it.

maybe hard determined run/chase…?

Yeah, that’s it.

Ok Mr. Dog expert, didn’t know we had such in the village. Personally am not that very fond of dogs.

maybe the guy didn’t want to be played with by the dog…

i have ten dogs , german shephards .

I hate dogs which ain’t mine.