Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

This is where curious consumers and industry insiders gather to feast their eyes and wallets on the latest software, hardware, gadgetry, and assorted electronic goods.

Working in collaboration, Shenzhen laborers craft unique upgrades and modifications to everything from laptops to cell phones. Their efforts then immigrate and influence the adoption of new products in other regions of the world.

Fun Fact: Shenzhen was a market town of 30,000 people before 1980


kuna wakenya huenda huko already kuchukua refurbished IPhones

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I have added it to my places to travel bucket list. If a chinko iphone goes for $100, it means hizi infinix na tecno zinauza hapa mtaani watu wanagongwa. Might even be costing $20-30 to manufacture

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I have a friend who was in China late last year and the part he visited they didn’t have the likes of Lumia, Infinix, huawei and all the budget phones we have locally.However Samsung ( without Google services) and Iphone are in abundance.


Great video. I should have watched this 3 years ago!

I tend to believe tecno, infinix are just branded “shells” of smart-phones from the OEM’s specifically for africa market.

iphone at 100euros? @incognitus njoo kiasi utuambie about Shenzen

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@Deorro Hizo hua zinaitwa copy. Ata saa hii ukitaka naweza letea wewe a 50’’ ‘samsung’ TV. Ikiwaka inatoa logo ya samsung lakini ni copy. Every electronic gadget you can think of iko na copy yake huko. Nitakuwekea mbicha ya a copy TV na Simu baadaye kutoka chinku land.


Hehehe simu itakuwa na mtk ndani na unajua stand yangu na Mediatek

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Na OS ya TV itakuwa tu kama ya original Samsung? Njia ya kudifferentiate ni gani?

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I think so. To differentiate angalia hiyo jina samsung, ikikaa kama imewekwa na glue badala ya engraving ama iko poorly engraved jua uko chinko land my fren

Huyu msee alienda Shenzen n made himself an iphone from parts bought locally