I heard Kenya has an abundance of she males there is that true

Can I take this opportunity to talk to you about JESUS CHRIST our LORD and savior


what proportion of the population qualifies to be abundant? who carried out the census and when?

Stop relying on rumours Kijana. In this forum we use words like according to research, journal, report etc. Then you give supporting evidence. Hizo zingine no za Maina of classic and Kilimani mums

you will be suprised this guy doesnt know meaning of abundant

You need deliverance… Hiyo kitu inaonekana imekusumbua akili hadi ukaamua upost sa tisa. Anyway @Tommy Lee Sparta ashawai patana na shemale:p:D:D

hapana kuna plenty of hefemales instead yani real men wenye umama.

Nenda pale Thai Embassy uchukue visa upesi usafiri, kule ndipo utapa ile abundance itakutosheleza.

Tell him to visit pattaya city to be specific.

ulikamuliwa na shemale??

Sasa mkiendelea kubomoa makabati hivi na serikali imesema miti zisikatwa.Kabati zingine zitatengenezwa na nini?

mbicha ?

Very gay thread

I don’t believe so. I only see them in blue movies.

She males are men with boobs, there are no women with dicks

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