Sheikh Guyo is afraid of going Home

If you remember sheikh Guyo the guy who caused protests in north eastern back in 2018 here is his current status.

Terror Suspect Asks Court not to Release Him, Says He Might Be Kidnapped and Killed

Sheik Guyo Gorsa Buru was charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, radicalization, recruiting members to a terrorist group
The Muslim cleric filed an application seeking to delay the judgement of his pending case until the court assures him of his safety
Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot deferred the judgment to Friday, December 3, 2021

Sheik Guyo Gorsa Buru faced terror-related charges after he was arrested in 2018 for allegedly being a sympathizer of the outlawed al-Shabaab.
Better remain in jail Through lawyer John Khaminwa,
Buru filed an application seeking to delay judgement of his pending case until the court assures him of his safety.

The accused is certain he will be acquitted of the offence but he fears that if he is acquitted, he will be abducted and killed by the state,” Khaminwa argued on Friday, November 26. Basing his argument on the recent abductions and mysterious disappearance of released terror suspects, Buru told the court he would rather remain behind bars where his safety is assured. “He told me that he better stay in jail than be killed after he is acquitted," the lawyer stated. The Muslim cleric was charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, radicalization, recruiting members to a terrorist group and membership to a terrorist group. He denied eight counts of terror-related crimes. Magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot deferred the judgement to December 3, 2021. Acquitted terror suspect abducted In 2020, An incident was reported in which unknown gunmen allegedly abducted a terror suspect who was cleared over the Garissa University attack.

The third on trial, Liban Abdullahi Omar, whose brother was one of the attackers killed in the raid on the mall, was found not guilty, and Milimani Law Courts cleared him. According to his family members, Omar was cleared at Kamiti maximum prison, where he had called home for seven years. He then proceeded for another clearance at the Anti-Terror Police Unit offices to pick his belongings and be allowed to go home. His family said a few minutes after leaving the offices in the company of two relatives, gunmen driving in a black Subaru car hijacked a taxi they had boarded. They ordered him out while pointing a gun at the driver. That was the last time the family ever heard from Omar. Read more:

Terror to the terrorists. Napenda sana!!!

Safsana ATPU endeleeni na hiyo kazi msoori sana.

Chinja ghaseer, ata hizo miaka amelishwa bure na serikali ni hasara.

Muslims always brag how they don’t fear death.
Sasa huyu sheikh ni fake

Let stupid courts release them but let ATPU exterminate them

Hitler is happy

Aren’t these the sheikhs who preach to their followers on the glory of death, now they are running away from promoted paradise, where they have been cheering on their followers about as they have bombs strapped around their bodies

why cant we kill the terrorists in prison using slow killer poisons ? kitu undetectable we save on drama , expenses

Hizo Subaru siku hizi ni kama drone strike… you’ll never see it coming

Too many eyes, loose lips sink ships

I love the idea of a terrorist’s choice being jail or death. Kudos ATPU

Release him and let the ATPU do the extermination.

The only language they understand is responding fire with fire.

Huyo sheikh ame amua heri akule ugali mbichi kuliko kuendea mythical 72 vajin.

Polonium perhaps. But I hear it’s quite expensive