She was never your girl,It was just your turn

And that shouldn’t bother you.

DJ Khaleed!!Another one

Why do you little shits get worked up do so much when your little hoes get fucked… That’s what hoes do. Listen, with hoes, you have fun, share drinks, fuck the hell out of them and move on swiftly with your life… If they really fun, rinse, repeat. You hoe is not you loved one, not your friend, and she’s allowed to fuck whoever she wants. Dumb fucks marry or date outright hoes halafu wanaanza kulialia hapa ati she cheated, she was fucked…STFU you’re an imbecile…

This niggers have a basement level IQ though…

that is how a man is made,it should happen to many more simps

sasa anamcheka?

I beg to disagree.Actually thats how a playa aka fisi aka womanizer aka crowcatcher is made

inaitwa kuchongwa …imagine this happening for the 1st time in your fifties…sis hyo ni heart attack

nah,if they react that way it means they are still in denial,their lives are still rotating around a woman.if she decides to cheat,the sex will never be the same again,let her go

Anyone …
And I mean Anyone in a relationship with you caught having S*ex with another man …

Just leave her …

No questions , no emotions , no drama …

Just leave her …

You will be much happier with a new partner that you trust …

I went down this road and believe me man, I trust no woman.

Mimi nikifanyiwa ivyo aki sijui nitafanyaje

my thoughts and feelings exactly
hakuna The One,io ni ya movie

sounds real to me
if we heard clapping noises,najua mngeamini rahisi

damaged goods unachachisha:D

The most damaged good is your mother thanks to your big head.

You only think you’re on top of your game until it happens to you.

That friend in the car is annoying as fuck. He needs to be KO’d before the main shit goes down.

A classical case of oneitis.

Only pusy-ass niggas do this. Inaonekana wewe bado ni kama ulianza kukulana juzi. Thats why its very important to date as many hot gals as u can in your 20s. By the time unagonga 30 vitu kama izi haziwezi kushtua - u will have seen enough. Always have 2 or 3 extremely hot chics in your rotation na hii oneitis mentality itakutoka.

Kumbuka shimo ya mtu mmoja pekee ni ile kaburi tutakuweka ukidedi.

Hakuna hekaya am just imagining.