She was never your girl,It was just your turn

“I’ll message you later”

Aint that a bitch.

WTF is this nonsense

Who gave you the rights to comment…can someone give him a shair

Fuck off.Kwani unaown net

We give you permission to deal with him.

Thank you… might be a virgin who strolled into unknown zone.Lucky me

Are your eggs still intact,naomba nizivunje

I know this fake but imeniheartbreak bana. Am imagining being in the shoes of any guy this might have happened to. I’m a really stoic guy IRL but sidhani roho yangu inawezana na hii especially if you thought she’s the one. It would take alot of substance abuse and whoring to move on.

This is exactly why you have to fuck the brains out of any woman you lay with. It hurts to know that she might have been fucked harder by other men.

Wuehh!:D:D:D…this ninja’s gonna need arimis to soothe that burn.

Source of the material?

Mtandao imeharibu mambo

Go back to your gay ass hobby of inserting a broom pole into your ass till it comes out of your mouth

Stay put,i have a dream of having you chorea me Saba(7)

@Fabulousblack.where did you get that video or is it fake like the sextapes leaks digi claims to have of those seven missing teenage girls

Men fuck the brakes off sex workers all the time. It just makes them numb.The hell kind of reasoning is this? The logic I see in this place makes me wanna give God a Thanksgiving offering that I wasn’t born a man. Obsessed with trying to possess and control a free willed human being, not even God does that, who the hell do you people think you are? Exercise in futility. Relax your booty boss, hata mama yako mwenyewe has had escapades with different men.

Reminds me of this one. You can hear the man’s voice breaking.

You will get over her just like the many other things you have gotten over before. Time and distance is your friend and while you are at it tafadhali tupakulie hiyo hekaya.

Hii inasound kama comedy :D:D.