She wants to give away her twins any takers

I would have done it but I am struggling with a shopping addiction and a personal trainer who is out to kill me. Anyone know a 12 step group for shopaholics. I was just laughing when Mulamwah was like his exe asked him for 4 k for Shere he. If Soni angekua ashaniua. More like 4 mil.

This woman is mentally unwell. She needs very speedy psychiatrist help before she harms these children. Raising twins is not an easy ride, takes a toll on anyone. People think it is fun. I am sure I have seen her on another YT channel.
Did you listen to her story? I am sure you did not. :rolleyes:

I have attention deficit disorder btw. I can’t focus on one thing for very long. My brain needs more stimulation. I will call her Monday maybe I can go visit her. My family got twins so I know but where’s her family in all this? Lemme listen. I had reached quarter way. How is your trainer taking you. This one of mine, I am so worn out naskia kuquit but done already paid the money upfront.

She needs a psychotherapist ASAP before she harms those babies. She is at that ‘don’t care’ stage hajijui. Also she has given her number…she had one can of Nan milk as at the time of the interview. Don’t always go by these attention grabbing headlines that youtubers bait us with.
My next gym session is on Tuesday next week…my sole aim is to look like Michelle NOBAMA when I get to her age. Oh those toned arms and that’s some task right there…but I do love a good work out…

Adderal helps with ADHD.

Yes looks like she has postpartum depression. Yes needs immediate help.

I kind of like my conditions. I don’t want to get rid of them. I like the fact that I am a scatter brain and get bored focusing on one thing for long. That means that I have to constantly stimulate my mind. Like now I am writing this, watching a French movie called Le Este Vie ever been to Paris looks amazing and in the background I am listening to this song and doing other things I can’t write about here.

The movie apparently it has songs by the greats

You seem to know eve where did the new year staple aud Lange seine originate from.?

@TrumanCapote how old are you? I think you might be my soul mate.

Even when I will be 125 my soul mate atakua tuu mzungu bro. The heart wants what it wants, it’s not a matter of age. Even if you settle for a black man coz you think that you are old, you can’t lie to yourself, your heart bado iko kwa wazungu tuu. Muafrika tuneza piga tuu story as bros but my posterity and my love and respect belongs to the white man and the white man alone. I know it sounds racist but I can’t compare. It’s like night and day. Nawapenda. Nawapenda. Muafrika Sijui ni nini it’s like hawako kwa level yangu. Vile uneza feel ukiwa na chokora dame ndio me hufeel. There’s something so nasty about them. Like wako tuu na roho chafu. It’s like being with an animal. Yaani ni mtu Lakini ni mnyama. Something is very wrong with black men. I think this is the closest comparison. I even avoid being alone with them ata kwa lift, parking lot, stairwell, I don’t feel like that around white men coz hawa sio watu. Wolves in people’s skin. Sio kwa ubaya. I do engage them we vibe but mambo ingine zii coz they remind me of that demon in death note. Like when you are alone together the black man changes into…

I pity you. But I will be in your corner any other day.

Pity me? Pity yourself. I am not going to be a slave for life for a man or risk my life having kids for a person who is subordinate. Black men will always be at the bottom and white men will always be on top. I want the ones on top the garbage at the bottom ain’t for me. Btw there’s women who want bottom barrel so I don’t know why black men get offended when they see black women with half white kids. If you are going to be a single mother at least go up the social ladder. They are becoming more btw I think our women are waking up and deciding to have kids with white men only. Btw you guys can do the same. Let’s have plenty of mixed kids, it’s good to diversify.

If she’s serious she should do it in a legal way, by giving them up in foster homes then they will be adopted by a loving family who will take care of them