She wants 1k


k nkiendanga

ii si mchele…
hapa ujengwa polonium

Where are the men?! Yaani kila fwakin bitch begging in the hood has bills to pay for her mom! Kwani siku hizi kila dem baba yake alikufa?!

:D:D:D na novichok

Uyo ametumia so many words kusema anauza pussy…why did she have to post her picture…

Unaeza nunua kitu huoni?

At some point we should help and not hinder… It’s tough out here for everyone, life has reverted to survival mode. Kama una kazi, wewe mpe


It’s a cliche they can’t shake off.

White knight, unafikiria Sasa utapewa?

Siwes mind kumwagia kwa hiyo sura for 1k.

Don’t be like this guys. Am not being a captain save a hoe. Most people lost jobs and cannot afford to fund their girls live styles as modest as it may be. Resulting into many ladies who are now not organised both financially and mentally

Angeweka picha ya matako angepata hadi ya kutoa.

Hope isiwe kama Jumia what’s ordered vs what’s being delivered

Just saying

Like someone else said, kama uko na job mpee. It could be a genuine case. Things are so tough in this country and many people have lost their jobs and source of livelihoods. Don’t look at things from a kunguruish lens everytime. Some cases are genuine unless you can prove otherwise.

Brathe ameeeka namba hapo. Au hujaiona …[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]My number is 0713213100[/SIZE]… . Please use youur divine simp wisdom na ufulizie yeye 1K immediately.

I’m being realistic of situations. How would a potential employer reach her without the number!


They’re insatiable.