She’s really good-Elizabeth Warren beats Biden in new poll

Wanawake watachocha huyu mama kama Hilary then vote for a man.

They call it the three witch strategy… Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. N yes Hillary will run again…

And there is no impeachment inquiry… The process starts by a House Vote and this is nothing but a coup by the C.A

Wafuasi wa Drumpf enjoy inventing new things where none existed, rich individuals and corporations somehow translates to “middle-high” for Purple. There is nothing that equates middle to be the same as high. Rich is not the same as high either. Drumpf did increase taxes for many.

[SIZE=7]I owe how much? Americans are shocked by the impact of Trump’s tax law[/SIZE]

Hajasahau, you can bet she would have loved to be part of this crazed mob.

[SIZE=6]WATCH: Trump Fans Chase Elizabeth Warren Through Airport Screaming ‘Pocahontas’ Slur[/SIZE]
Trump Fans Chase Elizabeth Warren Screaming 'Pocahontas' Slur

For how long will she continue dodging the middle class tax increase? Bernie Sanders is at least more honest. Warren has admitted that taxes will go up for corporations and billionaires but every time she’s asked about the middle class—silence. It’s impossible to pay for all these social entitlements without increasing middle class taxes! Not just raising by a little, noo. The Democratic socialist ideal is to have everyone hand over their paycheck to the government then they distribute it to everyone else. Like in Nordic countries where tax home pay is pitiful compared to what it should be. Very, very sad. I prefer keeping most of what I’ve earned and determining for myself where that money goes.

Why don’t you share proof of the times that she dodged? You cannot expect good public services without taxation. The Nordic countries are doing something right considering Drumpf considers them his ideal type of immigrants. If you consider an excellent quality of life a sad thing, you really do need to travel outside the USA to understand the rest of the world is thriving while the US declines. You can refuse to pay your taxes, Drumpf’s people will understand and be merciful.

The Nordic model remains highly regarded: Nordic nations dominate in “soft power” attributes, with Norway, Sweden and Finland in the top five for citizenship, and Sweden, Denmark and Norway in the top five for quality of life.