She’s really good-Elizabeth Warren beats Biden in new poll

Mimi ni Trump damu but this lady is very impressive like Angela Merkel. No scandals either. She’s always been this overlooked gem due to her gender and living in Hillary Clinton’s shadow. Can she beat Trump? I really think so, and I was hoping for Biden to become the front runner. Her campaign donations have also eclipsed Biden’s, a significant indicator of voter confidence. This impeachment inquiry might be the last nail on Trump’s coffin, sadly. Biden is also going down because of his son’s involvement in Ukraine. We had a good run though!

Trump’s saving grace is the incredible grassroots support among conservative white Americans. They wouldn’t be so comfortable having a woman in power.

I just don’t support her socialist ideas of raising taxes on middle-high income families.

[SIZE=7]Elizabeth Warren passes Joe Biden in 2020 polls[/SIZE]

——United States Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has overtaken former Vice President Joe Biden as the frontrunner of the Democratic presidential candidates, according to several polls.

The first signs that Warren was inching ahead of Biden came from Iowa. On Sept. 21, a Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll indicated Warren beat Biden by 2 percentage points, with 22 percent of likely Democratic voters saying she was their first choice, followed by Biden (20 percent) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (11 percent).

“It now appears likely to boil down to a two-way contest, one in which Democrats will have to decide whether to go big or go home,” analyst Charlie Cook, founder of the bipartisan Cook Political Report, wrote this week. “In this case, going big is doing something bold, daring, and exciting but potentially risky — that is, going with Warren. Going home is to a more comfortable, familiar, but not terribly exciting place: Biden. Revolution versus restoration.”

Biden had long been considered the favorite to win the Democratic primaries. The former vice president was, for many Democrats, the safe bet, the electable candidate whose resume and political chops would likely be enough to unseat President Donald Trump — or, better yet, “beat him like a drum,” as Biden said earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Warren is offering the kind of “big, structural change” that many Democrats want, and she’s offering relatively detailed plans for how to bring about these changes, which include: increasing taxes for the richest individuals and corporations, cancelling student debt, making college free and childcare affordable, eliminating private prisons, reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, raising the minimum wage to $15, abolishing the electoral college, among other proposals.

Compared to Biden, Warren’s supporters seem generally younger and more enthusiastic. You can see this difference at Warren’s rallies — at least one of which The New York Times likened to a rapturous church service — where hundreds of supporters often wait hours in line to take a selfie with the presidential candidate.

Warren also benefits from not having suffered as many recent attacks from Trump and his followers. In contrast, Biden and his son, Hunter, have become ensnared in a scandal in which Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to “do us a favor” and investigate potential corruption on the part of the Bidens. As Trump faces an impeachment inquiry over this request, he’s repeatedly bashed Biden, tweeting multiple videos essentially accusing the former vice president of corruption, but offering no hard evidence. It’s possible that Trump wants to knock Biden out of the race because he considers the former vice president to be a stronger opponent than Warren.

Trump for life!

Wachana Na sisi @Purple, deal with ur crazy prezzo first.imagine Vile Ulienda States during bush times Na saa Hii. U would be in a cage right now. Peace

Hehehe media is throwing spent cartridge biden under the bus after his blunders

Real talk. The mighty USA is not electing a woman POTUS anytime soon.

Trump inje. Good luck. I will vote for anyone but not that “so called stable - lunatic - genius”.

Stable lunacy is real thing. Stable genius

I have happened to watch several of her interviews. She is strong and quite convincing.

swanschieth hujahama bado?

Who else? Last week, Sanders suffered a major heart attack requiring 2 cardiac stents. His campaign events have been placed on hold until further notice.

Nilihama Mungich. :smiley: Kuchungulia tu.

Are you preparing to desert Trump (dalili ya mvua ni mawingu)? Stick to the orangutan. You will win ‘bigly’ :wink:
A Biden/Warren ticket is a winner. I like Sanders but time has passed for him. The heart attack he just had is not going to help him.

It’s still early. We still have Thanksgiving and Xmas festive seasons.

Biden is the 46th POTUS. Take it to your bank and cash it. Moto, moto. Once Bill Clinton and Obama come out to the campaign trail next year, it will be a wrap. :smiley:

Haha… Explain.

Tell me one electable Democrat

She’s ultra liberal. I wouldn’t care what her politics are but I know they will end up being pushed on Africa.
Trump has a strange way of looking at things but the good thing is he is a conservative. Africans are conservative so that is why Africans don’t have major dislike for DJT like they had for BHO


But it is unfortunate that you support Trump.

Pocahontas will be light work for Trump.
Kwanza her falsely claiming to be Native American - and benefiting from it through affirmative action will always be her Achilles heel.
Biden is the only one who can give Trump a run for his money among the socialists because of his appeal to blue collar America.

You heard it here 1st, again, regarding the 2020 race. Trump is winning with a landslide. These jitters being experienced by fickle supporters were there in 2015/2016 too. What will make him lose, the much he’s accomplished in his 1st term? Lol

Pocahontas umesahau