she pooped during sex

I have experienced awkward situations during coitus but this one was one of the weirdest. There is this woman i have been fucking and there was a time she pooped during sex. She is a squirter and when she squitted, mharo pia ikatoka. I didn’t notice until after she came, there was a foul smell and when she went to clean herself in the bathroom, i saw fecal matter on the seat. She noticed what she had done and took the seat cushion and washed it but i pretended that i had not noticed. I thought it was by mistake and it happened again like a month later. Whenever she is cumming its like her mcuundu becomes weak too and anahara pia. The situation is so embarassing hadi i dont do doggy with her cause cant imagine fucking her doggy then she poops.

Kuna mtu imekuwa akifungua boot!

Shait! If I were you wouldn’t pretend not have noticed anything when the whole mancave is smelling of shit. Call her out or do away with her altogether. That said, as a talker has said up there, there could a chance that the servers have already been accessed by entities unknown to you. Over to you now.

shitty post

Huyo ame funguliwa boot, breaks zake zime isha. If you want to confirm… Mchekeshe or tickle her mpaka acheke na nguvu sana uta ona results

Weka mask, nappy na mackintosh mpangoni. Ni hayo tu.

Either amefunguliwa boot ama ni HIV in which case “luwere”




Boot imefunguliwa :p:D:p:D

This thread stinks.

These are some of the side effects of anal sex…The anus is not elastic like the pussy. Stick to pussy funda hii

:D:D:Dmjamaa hakuna chills?

You can’t even comprehend a single paragraph? You should sue your brain for non support

Nunulia yeye butt plug. No other way son. Hua mnasifu HKMBHBL oona sass

so many booty experts here

i wanted to ask if it was from experience:)

To some it is what it is.