She is trying so hard to defeat the wall

Fixed price


Waliokataa kuzeeka @Karoga, @Kodiaga you are in good company

wall zishabomoka

She’s quite something after losing all that blubber I’ll give her that.

siwezimind kupirate wimbo zake nimuulize kama volume iko sawa
alafu nitombe post menopausal hawezi zaa dryfry

What happened to the curves?

She needs to breathe out

Ultimate kenyan milf

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM …No amount of breathing in,body contortionist theatrics or camera tricks can hide the devastating effects and aftermath of hitting the all mighty wall which is relentless and undefeated, she should retire in the deep rural village s of kwale and hire a mganga and offer sacrifices and pray she gets an old mijikenda mzee to marry her.

How women change! I saw her years before she developed those famous curves, and she was a slim girl. The way she looks now is what should be normal.

Kuzeeka is a blessing. Hope Nita fikisha 125 niambiwe I’ve hit the ceiling. Lakini losing hio weight sio chokes. My doctor had to threaten me for me to lose 2kgs in a week otherwise no junguus will land. Walls aside, when a woman wants something, she will do anything, kama ni mimi nakula raw vegetables and fruits wengine wakikula choma. Those kids need to buy me a chopper coz personal trainer sio wale wanakubembeleza kaa Franky, it’s drill like ile ya army. You think you are going to die. One day I told him that over exercise can kill like watu warudge sudden death akanishow madam I made big promises to your doctor and they don’t come easy. Kwanzaa he’s a body builder so anapenda body building more than cardio. I am in trouble y’all. Kuna siku nilijifanya nimefaint vile nilibebwa juu juu like a leaf nikasimamishwa kwa Miguu niendelee na tizi. Maisha yangu imekuwa ngumu joo. Ukiona mtu amelose all that weight appreciate. It’s a great achievement and she looks healthy.

Nyi shindeni hapo na story za wall. Mutakufa muache tuu hapa bcz the real wall is death and you can’t fight it with plastic surgery or whatever money you got and God having a sense of humour ensures that the wall hitters aka women live up to 20 years more than men who are their age mates.

Samuel Johnson your gey grandfather was busy insulting women, wall this, wall that, Sijui winter is coming you better grab a homeless man otherwise you will die alone. And then booommmm the mightiest prophet I mean mightiest wall, hit him when he was with a high value prostitute who wouldn’t urinate on him if he had was on fire. Ain’t life a beach. A useless man with no family and no friends except frustrated strangers on the internet who were just like him. He should have taken his own advice and remembered that winter was coming and no high value hoe gives a damn if you are dying they just want they money and they out. You dying alone with a high value hoe who won’t even attempt to save your life. I betcha she ransacked the whole house for valuables and was on top of another man as his funeral was going on.

Women may hit the wall sooner but damit you are going to die younger by about 20 years and they ain’t no come back from that wall bruh. No plastic surgery. No benten to comfort you, just you and them maggots in that casket six feet under.

I am willing to bet that Sheila will outlive every man who has commented on this thread. Life is full of ironies. The real wall is death, don’t nobody want to be near your rotting corpse not even your own mother.

Mnamtukana but you are the same person mnaenda brothel kwa malaya wachafu.
Stupid illiterate creatures

nimefika kwa fruits na choma nikachoka kusoma
wazungu wanaendeanga 19yr old na kuweka 125million kwa account hapana komondoo dragon
kumandoo dragon wanapewangwa iphone 4s na used earphones zimejaa earwax

amekonda anafanana wale malaya wa 50 bob tulikuwa tunatomba pale dandora dumpsite