She is Not Getting Better

If you have watched, “Concussion” by Will Smith, based on the real-life work of Bennet Omalu, who is married to a Kenyan Prema Mutiso, you know that Conjestina will never get better. Her brain is as hard as that of a 100 year old man with dementia. She will need to have supervised care for the rest of her natural life, like a home for the old. There is no medicine that can reverse what happened to her. i believe it was her careless coaches who pushed her to go into matches throwing like crazy instead of covering herself.

Look at Floyd Mayweather. People call him a coward but he will never suffer any problems later in life. He was taught by his father how to protect his brain. Now he is a successful business even though Fity cents says he cant read for shit.

ok:D:D:D:D:D[SIZE=1] sorry ma dude,i’m just yanking your chain[/SIZE]

Never say never…


Ata frank bruno alipata kichapo mara mob na ako sawa.

@Tom Bayeye whose chain are you yanking?

utamuona tu,a whinning villager:D:D:D:D

Eeh had no idea Floyd Mayweather is now a successful businessman. I thought he was just flossing and buying private jets and bugattis

He is a businessman with several clothing lines under his ‘TMT’ brand name

So are you are a neurosurgeon or a pessimist? Choose one.

Wewe uko na private jet ngapi, unafikiria hizo hupeanwa?

Good to know dude has a brain…At some point I thought he would end up ‘broke’ like other sports brothers kama mike Tyson Tyson, Iverson etc. Kumbe he will be the next magic Johnson and Michael Jordan…Am impressed.

Si ati Mayweather ako na brain ta kuficha…

His father has helped him a lot. So kama baba ya Beyonce

You know these athletes claim they made this and that. Years later bankruptcy filings show otherwise. Remember Tyson.
Next Jordan or Johnson I don’t think so. Those are tracendent athletes.
Will he always be rich, probably.