She is beautiful

I have this girl am seeing nataka nipeleke relationship to the next level but she’s got chin fat
How do you remove chin fat?

Suck it son

@Mosa Unasumbua

Hehehe kamua landwhale pole pole bila kusumbua kijana:D:D:D

How is chin fat an obstacle?
ama ukimkiss huwa unaziconfuse na lips?

Akuna chin kama ya peter wa family guy

Woooi. Unamwanika hapa na yeye amekupenda yake yote. You know how hard is for big girls to find love?

Define the term ‘chin fat’. Illustrations will be of uttermost help.

Eti sasa anatafuta a polite world ya ku describe land whale yake. Ati “chin fat”.

On the contrary yaweza kuwa ana history ya goitre kwa familia. I know a couple of Yemeni and arab girls with such conditions. Hereditary conditions. Mmoja was treated siku hizi namezea mate huku mitandaoni.

Those broads tend to be super hairy na huwa hawaogi. True story.

If something as mundane as chin fat is an issue chances are you’re not really in love.

I agree 100% sijui nini huwasumbua.labda bingwas wanapenda ethnic scents.

Why would you want to remove it …??


They look like balls


If she looks anything like this never bother wifing her up. and she should be the one to be requesting the relationship not the man bro! only proposing is what a man does, but if thats already the case then it means she doesnt work out or take care of herself cause her body fat% is too high bro, let it come down, through either diet or workout out or better yet a combination of both! but bro if a girl doesnt take care of herself and looks are already a thing holding you back are you sure you want to take to another level knowing that you are already concerened?? whats he insentive to continue to look good if she can lock you down and whats to say she will stay looking fine? brother, stay on your purpose i know you will find many other beautiful women!

@uwesmake haezi jificha ata afanyiwe nini:D:D:D:D

LOVE is is a different thing from what is on discussion here …
When you Love someone ( or anything ) , LOOKS are not a Major concern …
Example :
Take a good look at your present squeeze and say honestly , could she be the next Ms Universe …??
If not …what is keeping you two together …??

Give me Good Manners , Maturity ( … I can’t stand Drama Queens … ) a Killer Booty …and I am a Happy Man …


YOu scrath the chin with ass wipes 3 days a week