she has no feelings for me

nipe namba nimwambie ame ku hurt and you are on the way to a chemist

Enyewe siri ni usiwai bembeleza mschana. Akakataa story yako na wewe umshow haina noma.
Show her you are above pettiness


Oh and one other thing. It happens to the best of us. You are not the first guy to be rejected neither will you be the last.
Some of us have been rejected so many times…we are basically pros when it comes to all matters rejection. So usijali, wanaweke ni wengi

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tafuta her sis and dry fry her. you’ll be sawa after

Kuna hii dawa Thuo aliwekewa inaitwa Karate.Am reliably informed one drop is enough to take you to meet your ancestors.Tumia hiyo.

It takes time to recover from such a rejection but once its healed u will b smiling atleast she was honest with u.
u neva know if u had insisted on her she would have cheated on you

trying to sleep with a lady is always a coin toss…you lose some you win some…never dive in head first juu utaumia…most importantly never be desperate or clingy.women hate that shit

Members, I suggest we exempt this talker from this item. You don’t kick a brother when he is down; (you know) it’s going to make it worse. (hii wacha tu-imagine kukiwa hivyo) We still need him around together with his immense contributions in this forum.

Sasa wataka apate blister kwa mkono:(??

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As human being, feeling bad is normal if you are rebuffed by someone you love vile @[SIZE=4]Elin[/SIZE] @[SIZE=4]john_doe[/SIZE] wamekushow this is the least time you need desperation. If I were in your shoes, I would show her how worthless she is (because she is anyway). I belief she is undergoing infatuation and possibly, sooner than later, you’ll make another thread telling / asking us “she wants me back, what do I do”. Thankyou

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sijui uninii…



Pole boss…there is someone else out there for you.

:confused::confused: Really!! who does this !!! atleast one can differentiate between real men n boys here

She’s real n honest , you don’t need all this sijui whatsapp crap …coz u will feel worse if she doesn’t react as u expect sorry hun but life is a bitch sometimes:( …jst let it go n deal with it


Been there once… solution ni kusahau na kumsahau kabisa… dont even be friends, delete here number, delete everything about her. Its going to take time but trust me its a worthwhile investment.

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Anaona nani hapa ndiye Dr. Kitoto?

Atleast she was open with you from the word go so next time you know you shouldn’t be too needy.

kwani hata wewe urichunjwo?


buda, the mistake u made ni kumwonyesha u were too desparate, jipatiange heshima zaa zingine bwana.


Thats painful bro. Look for anotherone very quickly for consolation. This one might come around later if you stop pestering her now. If you fail in the second trail you are fucked…Your mind will be so upset that you will be drunk and fuckin whores for a whole month.

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