She has a boyfriend

this is the only legend tunatambua

:D:D Johnny Bravo, what a throwback!

:D:D:D hadi wa leo hajawahi nyanduana. A kenyan Version of @kaaroga na @Kodiaga.

MGTOW=FREEDOM…hii Johny Bravo character reminds me of @Wanaruona ,huyo mujamaa the last time he had some seiks was during the 1998 world cup celebration,we shall sponsor him next year for the Samba beach festival ndio apate some action

Big muscles small mind :D:D:D what a diss to @Demakuvu the arv daily taking officer with the most lethal okimwi strain direct from congo monkeys

Malisa na usibakishe.

Wewe ni umbwaaa ya kisure.