She getting Arab money


Naah she getting the Arabs money

Huddah made the “system” for slay queens hapa kenya so she knows where em cash is

They are hiding boners behind their dresses and wondering if the camera will show.

Wooooi, Huddah wangu najua sahii amechafuliwa shimo zote.

Yaani ukiingwa mtwapa utafute some random peassant Arab avae Kama sheikh hio Ni pesa ? Ghassia

You mean huddah is being gang banged by arabs and being sht on and pissed on ? The fck

They are pimping her.

Ain’t no money like pussy money

Ata Jina pus$y mmesensor… Mtawacha upus$y @administrator

Huddah is one impressive hoe/socialite. In the end, I believe she will have a loooooong client list of johns (clients) that she’ll be in a prime position to start an elaborate prostitution ring…

All I can say is that build that client list Huddah, you’ll need it once you get over the wall and your phone stops buzzing as it used to.

wamwambie atoe meno fake

Hapo nacheza na kitovu pekee yake.


Tuseme tu ukweli she has sold all of her holes at a premium price.

Was reading receipts on some of the things Instagram hoes / socialites go through, guys shiet on em, they are told to suck azz… You rem the time Verah was being hounded by that bulky naija baba, she probly didn’t liveup to the bargain… All that. Money is not worth having a gaping azzole and a gaggy throat.

she was blasted fo editing the pic to enhance her leftside kunyi to look more curved…compare both sides

That’s Qatar’s ambassador to Kenya, a bosom friend of Donald Kipkorir, the slay queen lawyer who bought hudda a new set of teeth.

Hehehehe …
Vera got paid but failed to deliver the “Goods” and Naija man wanted a refund … :D:D

High class whores