She doesn't discriminate although

Although she doesn’t discriminate, she prefers whites.

Also, she’s 19 (yeah, right).

Too chubby for white men

Its her preference and she is allowed to dream :clown_face::clown_face:

Swali ni how many white men are in Kenya and how many would find her attractive. There is a 99% chance she will never have a date with a white man in her life unless she leaves Kenya.

Women are extremely delusional.


Kwa giza anakaa mrembo. Kwa light ni mali average.

She seems pretty because she’s young. It’s nature’s way of getting you to impregnate her.

Otherwise I don’t think she’ll hold onto that prettiness past 25. Most chics huchapa vibaya sana after their mid twenties. It’s nature’s way of forcing them to drop their standards and give guys like @jimit a chance.


When she says she prefers whites, it makes one wonder whether she’s had experience with dating whites before. Don’t be surprised to discover she’s never dated a caucasian before.

I mean, she’s in tinder for heaven’s sake. This means she’s no social butterfly. Where would she have interacted with a white man from her own age bracket?

Unless she’s listed her preference as a way of baiting white guys.


She’s within the age bracket i love but i will have to hard pass her. Not appeasing

Uliwacha kutomba madem hunuka samaki? What about rent. Do you still pay their rent wewe kafukuswii?

I might disagree with you on that one.
The kind of women I see Hawa junguu wa @TrumanCapote holding hands with in CBD unashindwa kama wako na glaucoma ama straight up blind coz saying they are far from beautiful is being generous


Its more about the numbers than her individually. Too many local girls chasing too few white men. The odds mimic a lottery.

HIV doesn’t discriminate either…

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You encounter a smelly pussy here and there. … hata wewe i can bet my left nut umetomba dem ananuka mbuta… stop pretending to be perfect…brare fakin…rent nayo niliwacha kulipa 100% after last character development

You guys obviously don’t get it. Only bottom-tier white men date black women. They can’t get an attractive white woman and so they follow the path of least resistance. These women are basically the last choice among preferred partners .

The white men masquerading on the streets of African countries are there because they’re poor in western countries and don’t stand a chance because of how competitive the Western environment is. They couldn’t hack it their.

These type of Kenyan women are not winning. They just don’t know it because they’re not exposed enough. Do you seriously think a balding chubby white man is going to score an attractive woman in America? Saa ngapi? Wapi? Wacheni bangi. Travel kidogo ujionee.


Only a 19 year old with a face like an emoji :new_moon_with_face: would have the audacity to post something so stupid publicly. I believe her age


Your idea of beauty is based on your inferiority complex as a black man. Junguuuu men have it all, they are the alphas of society, they are white , they don’t have to prove anything to anyone unlike you whose idea of beauty is whiter skin or socialite body type. White men look at big hips as extra weight. Go look at the women married in the royal family and see which one looks like your standard of beauty other than that they are whiter than you. Do you expect junguu men to have the same taste as the men at the bottom of the totem pole? Does Elon Musk wife live upto your standards? Bro tafuta ushuru uwachane na juguuu men they are gods they can do whatever they want with no preoccupation with what people will think about their choices. That’s a mindset that plagues only bottom feeders.

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Uliosha panties? Ama you still walk around with flies buzzing around your ass-crack