She Came to Throw Shade- Literally and Figuratively


[SIZE=6]What Is An Eyebrow Slit?[/SIZE]
The eyebrow slit is a fashion trend that involves shaving a thin, vertical line into the eyebrow with a razor or electric trimmer. Originally known as an eyebrow cut, the shaved gap in the brow creates a popular and stylish aesthetic. Split eyebrows were prevalent in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and are now coming back into style with the help of celebrities and beauty bloggers.

The concept of an eyebrow slit is rather dark in its origins. A slit or cut in the eyebrow hair naturally occurs if the person has been in a fight and suffered a gash in that area. They are remnants of an injury, usually seen in old gangster movies where the actors had to shave off a section of their brows to mimic that.

People who wear all black are often highly emotional, slightly neurotic, and have a desire to deflect what they look like in favor of who they are and what they are trying to accomplish in life.
People who wear all black often are subconsciously trying to protect themselves from feelings they think they can’t control. They are usually easily over-stimulated, and perhaps struggle to ward off anxiety and stay focused on their daily tasks. Choosing monochromatic colors creates a sense of certainty and “togetherness.”

However, what’s interesting is that people who wear all black often aren’t bothered when other people wear many colors. It’s not the colors themselves that are immediately upsetting, it’s when they put the colors on themselves. It is, in a way, their identity that they are most concerned about.
Women in particular often wear all black because they are trying to be “more than what they appear.” They want to divert attention from how they look onto what they do, or who they are.


Nganga and Ng’ang’a…


Hawa vijanaa huulizwa nini

Huyu kijana anaskia maisha iko msuri…lazima anashikisha na ngoma za gengetone. Huwa nawahurumia sana…

Most likely hao pia wana hurumia mtu ka wewe wakisema unafikiria maisha yako ni better.
Hii life hakuna mtu anaishi “the right way”. Kila nyani na starehe bora hasumbui mtu


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Nimeona picha mob uyu dame akisimama ni kama anataka kunyora??

2022 interests

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Huwa naangalia health wise…not financially.

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huyo msee amevaa white ni nani?
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