She belongs to the streets!


If your girlfriend/wife/significant other/spouse displays the following traits, sorry bro, she belongs to the streets;

  • Has a tattoo/tattoos

  • Wears an ankle bracelet

  • Drinks alcohol

  • Smokes

  • Drives a Subaru

  • Shows off her skin on social media

  • Dresses skimpily

  • Turns off her phone/switches it to silent when you are together

  • Goes outside to make/answer phone calls

Don’t walk away. Run away.

I am struggling to understand the thought process behind a human being’s brain that would make them switch between this handle and @Mrs. Chantel . Tell me if that isnt severe portrayal of gender dysphoria

Leta hekaya iko na 1080full HD , Dolby surround sound Leo Niko na time ya watch and listen to you.

Unataka kuskiza homosexual

Apana,I abort my mission!!!


subaru inaingilia wapi?

NV fanya hivi


Subaru was just chilling

You just described 99.99 of the girls in Nairobi.

@THE TEMPEST =@Ann kerubo = @mrs chantal= @patco

ya @PHARMACY huuza kuma 50bob mlolongo , angalau anunulie @PHARMACY maembe for supper

@uwesmake the hiv positive dog as we speak is sniffing glue pale kayole dumpsite waiting to changaMKIA vijana wakidozz


The more restrictions you have the lower your chances of finding a compatible mate. Red flags ni ufala kanyaga ukisonga simple.

Hao wa tattoos na kunywa pombe ndio nataka, am not looking for a wife, just to bust a nut. Why would I reduce my chances???

You think a 18-24 year old with no Tatt’s no drinking habit e.t.c is easy to bang. Ndio maana mnakaanga inbox 6months+ na ma hey tu

Oh, but you’d be surprised.