Shay Evah - Reloaded

Anaeza chukua rwabe?

If your parents were wealthy and you ran your own business , would YOU accept a " rwabe" …??? :slight_smile:

Brothel ni yake Ama ni coomer tu? Kama ni coomer tu hata rwabe akubali

They are hoes. Who would marry a tired donkey with only few threads even holding her pee is hectic?


:D:D:D Can you detect bipolar from still photos?

:D:D:D kuna lanye haujui hii Nairobi?

Rexx, now this is a snowflake

:smiley: it’s true, she is over qualified for the loony bin
@Rayvranium, the eyes never lie

@Brayo44ki What are the unique eye-based traits that point out bipolar people?

There’s an underlying question in their eyes, a deep unsettling hunger that seems to ask.
‘Am I good enough?’
Look into socialites and a good number of other people’s selfies as well, it’s always there.

Second pic - too much cellulite.

Not her fault that she is half Italian…
But that Booty is to Die for …

It’s the thousand cock stare


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