Shaving Machine

Wadau, which shaving machine would you advise me to buy for home use? Ni ya kunyoa vijana wangu coz I’m not very comfortable na vinyozi

This type used to nick guys’ necks before “Kinyozi wa Stima” became the new standard


@Tom Bayeye is this your great grandfather? Do you come from a long line of renowned kinyozis?

Baba ya @Tom Bayeye used this to shave me. Nowadays his son has more sophisticated equipment.

Tafuta remington, expensive though

Ukitaka kunyoa vagina wako it is recommended that you use a machine that does not cause irritation to the sensitive labia skin folds. Alternatively, you can use veet.

Ingia Jumia chukua Wahl. Been using one 6 years now so far so good.

Thanks. Naona ziko several, which model do you have?

Like how much?

Kinyozi @Tom Bayeye leta hio mudomo yako refu hapa. Be useful for once in this dump hole

Veet hainanga side effects?

:D:D:D alah!




This one. Kwa mtoto, full charge can last for months or more than a year. The price should be more than Kshs 10k

[SIZE=7]Remington HC5880 Indestructible hair clipper[/SIZE]
Tafuta online

I bought one of those Chinese ones at Naivas for 800 bob, that was 2013, get a cheap one not those 6k ones za pros

I have the Wahl Precision NAC model, came with 8 clipper combs

Nova best kwa chinese