Sharon Otieno's Tragedy a Product of Poverty and Crisis of Capitalism

A product of greed and the loss of values.

The victim here is the unborn child. Mimi vile niliona slayparents wakiongea…we need redemption. About 100 years to unscrew the rotten minds of lost generations.

ngatia = mzee @gashwin


Sharon knew no poverty, she was a victim of her own vanity and greed. Affordin 70k per sem as a parallel student means you are above poverty line. She chased the wind and it came back for her. Not to justify the crime but to paraphrase a villager here, you walk in the middle of Dandora in the middle of the nifht, what do you expect? Hata Mercy Keino alikueko.

She pushed her luck too far.
If it wasn’t due to her getting greedy, she would be alive and Obado would be free.

Greed. She would receive child support and on complering campus a job at hte county and they would all live happily ever after. Upuss

Koolibah if these informed women are leading the rest i.e wale wa kwangu Mushatha what hope is there…but while we ‘condemn’ the women let us think about the rich tufathees funding this lifestyle.
@Phylgee wrote a post juzi that captured the situation at hand. Sijui iko wapi in the numerous threads. If you have a teen daughter please start instilling some sense.

Which one??

Its a case of catching a tiger by the tail. . . . . . . dangerous to hold on to or to let go. :D:D
Sharon’s case is one of stupidity on steroids on both sides, she set out to blackmail the gavana from the word go, how she expected to out thug a wealthy, powerful thug beats me.
The gavana on the other hand is an idiot, how do you continue with a murder plot after a key witness escapes???:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Will try and find it in the millions of threads about these social ishus.

I agree with Ngatia. Slayqueen-ism is a by-product of poverty.

nonsense. nothing but greed.