Sharon Nduta


Tuliona Konyagi bado wakiwa pamoja na Uilliam

Who is she?

For the first time nimeona poko wewe haujui, wueh!!!


:smiley: Kali. @Starscream kuja ujitetee…


an overpriced hoooker that you can dryfry but be ready to take prep… she has HIV from stripping but she can move so you are garenteed a good time so either use a condom or be ready for prep, because getting HIV is not an option bro!

usiskizange hawa watu…nobody here dryfrys hookers

bro go to The thread Tea room ting… very recently another villager has talked of dryfrying one woman from there… If your young naive and high i will see why they would be dumb enough to do so…

Siwezimind kulipa punch

Kenya Cane ilikuwa kwa satchet.