Sharks swoops in on entrepreneurs

Wamefwatwa mpaka Kwa corridor banae.
Billionaires can smell good business from a distance

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Ndio maana wanaitwa sharks ,they smelt blood.

Lori griner is bangable banae

The only reason Mark did not follow those entrepreneurs is because this is a hobby to him. He is worth more the other four sharks combined so he isn’t hungry.

Hii kitu ilikuwa kwa recommended videos zangu kwa YouTube…I enjoyed the watch. What a simple yet interesting concept

Americans will literally buy anything you sell to them lol. Back home I remember this guy who used to go from house to house asking if we needed our knives sharpened. It was a leg operated sharpening device strapped on his bike or something like that. 5bob per knife back in the 90s.

In South America they still do this on the back of bikes…small world it is


US is a rather strange economy, jamaa amepewa Ksh. 50M cz ananoa visu

And this is why America continues to grow while vumbistan iko bbi and high unemployment.

Kuna ingine niliona Mark Cuban alipea mtu mwenye ako na biashara ya kuuza timers za kutumia Kwa choo Ksh 20 Million .

Natumia hii contraption only $10 at Walmart, with only 6 strokes the kitchen knives cut like new. Watu wako na pesa sana za kuwaste. Not to mention the hustle of putting them in an envelope and posting them in the mail.

Billionaires are some of the most hungry people you ever met. He wasn’t moved because this one is a bad business idea. I’m surprised the rest jumped on it so quickly.

He probably didn’t see it scaling high enough to be worth his time. A billionaire values his time more than anything else because he has more money than time. It may have been a good idea but not worth his time. He is looking for the next Uber, not nickel and dime stuff.