Sharing pain.

Kenyan woman would castrate you.


Sounds like bullshit. Uongoo, uongo buana.

It’s probably what happened to these Huichol Indians…facing extinction pale Mexico

Eeh wacha ikae…huwezi nifinya makagare bana

What kind of games are those people playing near other peoples’ balls?

Nature ways off making sure you don’t father more than 4 kidsif you are lucky. By the time your balls are squeezed the 3rd time, you’re already castrated.
Shida ni kufinywa makangare na mtoto sio wako.

Roll play ya military wakiwa bored :smiley:

umafwi thread

Ati sharing pain. Wacheni jokes

Here, your wife tells you she is pregnant and you start stressing out ?

Hiyo ni mila ya kishenzi sana.
Just respect nature. Getting pregnant and bearing children is for women, it’s not some punishment imposed by men. But pulling a man’s balls is torture.

Kunia ulale ,mbwa hii

Beberu shit…

Urongo hio