Ask and research about it from Muslims.
FYI it cannot be enforced on a country that is not entirely Muslim with a Muslim ruler, and does not apply to non Muslims.
Contrary to western propaganda, it is not only restricted beheading and chopping hands as they put it.
It involves every aspect of life, marriage, business…
Religions aside, had we a system like this where the thieves and all are beheaded or hands chopped off, don’ you think we would have a wonderful country?


Keep your religion to yourself.

Hessy and his crew wanawafyatua daily, wamepungua? Haina haja ya kuchonga msee kichwa. Kulisha yeye dengu au kiti ya @Thitima

Thieves exist because of income imbalance, corruption, poverty and greed, the hallmarks of a shithole country… it is ignorant or plain stupid to think that religion can solve these problems

Malaya swali haikuwa kwako

Islam it’s no longer spreading in Africa which is a good thing. There is plenty of good in Islam but the way it divides Africans makes it an enemy of African progress

Same thing can be said for all other religions