Share Your Shaving Tips

Help a guy with curly hair transition from an electric clipper to a razor.

Please share your shaving tips, process, creams and razors (single or multiple blades?), how to avoid the unsightly razor bumps and razor burns, the dos and don’ts, etcetera.



i have been toying this idea; is it safe to wax my face? as in the ndevu area?

I quit razors and started using philips smoother. Hii ndevu ni shida, ka naweza kupostpone their growth ningefurahi tu sana

Why’d you quit razors?

Bumps …i also have curly hair, so i can learn from you

He he if you like…

There are things men can’t stand…

Go to your local chemist and ask for magic paste. But if you shave daily I wd suggest Gillette razors.

With time these razors cause razor bumps

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I use super max 3, the one with 3 bladesi n a cartdge. I shave everything in my head, every morning using jamaa bar soap. Very refreshing. .mambo ya kinyozi hakuna

kichwa au ndevu


you avatar speaks for you…

schick green for my beard, the rest is details…

Magic paste?

I had to Google schick green, thank you. Why the choice, may I ask? Advantages etc. Is it something that is specifically made for black hair & skin?

i always shy away from non-gillete blades. The blades are not set correctly and tend to scrape the skin faster. I think this even explains their cheap pricing