Shameless BEGGAR

Watu wamefiwa, wamepoteza maelfu ya citizens wao, ndio unawaomba msaada? Huna aibu?[ATTACH=full]302747[/ATTACH]

Do you know how much resources those countries control?

we also have our own resources, enough food to meet our needs, why beg?

Oh yes. Tujisaidie.

Hizo ni resources zao. We have Somalia, Southern Ethiopia, South Sudan Congo and CAR to exploit economically for our gain lakini kazi ni kulamba wazungu matako.

I fear this man Mganga is losing it.
This is not the Pan-Africanism he’s been preaching about.

Ungejua venye mzungu ameshikilia hizi nchi by the balls, haungeongea hivyo.
If any of these countries such as Congo or S. Sudan were to nationalize their resources hiyo ndio siku utaona fighter jets.
Even Tshisekedi was not elected as thought. He was chosen by the ‘big people’ after lobbying here in Kenya, the pimp of E.A and Central Africa.

And this is the crux of the BBI matter, it’s the economy which is in the [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]RED. Uhunye saw rain clouds gathering in 2018 and he decided to bribe RAO, the only guy who could stand up to him by mobilising mad jaruos to the streets. He must have a wise advisers around him altho he is personally a functioning alcoholic. Ruto is brilliant unfortunately, he is surrounded by village amateurs hence he will be the fall guy when things head to the shitter later this year. Imagine tunadaiwa Ksh 900Bn in hii mwaka pekee! That is why the executive is flailing its arms allover looking for a scapegoat look at them stick it to rona, a simple flu.

If the dirt doesn’t stick to Uncle WSR, the Onyatto dynasty (and Railas/Moi) will be finished by the revolution that is coming.

Uhunye is trying to protect his neck but it’s too late; that horse done bolted a coupla years earlier. Dynasties ni wakora na waisi wakubwa zaidi Kenya hii

Hiyo ni tabia ya Konyagi 1 na ma Dynasties hapa Kenya kulamba wazungu matako…We should be looting this other neighbouring countries kama Oil ya Sudan, mimerals za TZ na Kismayu port ya Zoomalia while preserving our limited ones kama France vile inadu huko West Africa…Ni umeffi tu hapa Kenya na kuomba omba loans IMF na China.


You need resources to harness resources

we have all those.

Jamaa wako amekula yote