Shame shame shame

Correctional Services PS Micah Powon & Prisons Boss express ‘shock’ at poor state of houses for Shimo La Tewa Prison Warders.
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No wonder these officers engage in all manner of underground bussiness with the convicts.


Wtf!!! Afadhalli niuze nyama kuliko kupitia mateso kama hii

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Be very afraid, be very very afraid. Huyu jamaa akikushika kwa msako atakuibia kila kitu and if on a door to door search will use the butt of his G3 to shatter your 50 inch screen out of jealousy after pocketing the phones and lose change on the table


Even in such a pity state and in an informal setting he still stands attention to his bosses.

Utapata money was eaten and will still be eaten after a tender to build houses.

they av been living in dat state for as long as i cn remember tangu mtoi nyumba za shimo la tewa ni izo

Bandit economy 101[ATTACH=full]27548[/ATTACH]


beaten by life. but before a man is beaten by life his brain has to have succumbed first. Last pic- the woman who stuffed the old tracksuit trousers to keep the chill out, wouldn’t she have used the same energy to mix some soil and water to fix the crack, more “permanently” and avoid creating a fire hazzard?

Kibra, kenya…

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Looks like so much more than descent housing need to be done for them! Hata kama serikali haijawajengea nyumba nzuri si wanapata mishahara yao? Look, then at their furniture and those shoes strewn outside the door!!! Si mtu atumie mshahara wake kujimbamba kimaisha?

we are a sovereign state…

Pia tembea hapa tu za Kamiti kwa quarters utajionea

nyumba ni ya matope na bado anataka serikali ije imsaidie

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Na unapata hizo nyumba ni za sharing.

This guys when going to and from court harass innocent motorists with their big bus, canter and pickup. Olewako ukiwafungia njia, Slap mbili na gun butt on your face ndio utapata

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halafu watu wanahongana during recruitment waingie kwa haya mateso SMH …nie digehota!!! …si hiyo pesa igeuzwe capital ya biz???


Sioni ovacado kwa hio diet inapikwa hapo

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Hiyo tabia ilianza after one convict escaped from the bus while they were in a jam hapo nyali bridge some years back, siku hizi wanapita hata wrong side


@gashwin will like anything jubilee. Ata ata-like poo ya wakubwa wa hio chama yao.

it’s not jubilee, son, it is my country…you forgetjubilee only came on the scene 3, 4 yrs ago?