Shame on you NTV!

I was inadvertently following a soap running on NTV between 8-9pm called “Head over heels”.

The Tiifii happened to be tuned to NTV…
To my utter shock I heard the word Ngay being mentioned several times and I got curious.

Kumbe the show has a Ngay character?
The guy is a boyfriend to the main Character"s (called Diego) wife.
Inorder not to be busted he acts as a Ngay cousin to this wife.
He has impregnated her and is now forcing her to claim that the child is Diego’s…
the program is still on tomorrow.
Ushoga iko local mainstream media Wadau.

Mambo ya ushoga hukujazz sana

Nansenz. Local teefee is for live breaking news only.

Those spanish soaps have alot of faggets in them…its good ndio uwache kuona soaps mzae…ningekupiga teke ya mdomo lakini nimekumbuka wewe ni admn

I was even not watching Mdau. I don’t watch such TV crap.
I was busy in kijiji but TV was loud enough in the background. …

Hallo beautiful?

Hivyo ndio unaanzanga ngati?

Mdogo Mdogo tu

NTV has shamelessly been promoting the LGBTQRSTWXYZ sh*it mostly thru kids’ programmes like the mid morning cartoon show, Akili Kids. Check out the rainbow in Akili Kids logo. The program is proudly sponsored by UKaid and other homosexual organizations.

Comes as no surprise


Get a room!

He is one of them

You’re absolutely right

Are there gay characters in the show?
Sasa unataka kusema the rainbow is gay?
How did you arrive at the conclusion that akili kids is promoting the “gay agenda”?

We will.

Can’t people use the rainbow in peace? Interesting times

Lbgtv agenda ililand kitambo mdau. Soaps for the women and girls, and rainbow colors in all kids cartoons.