Shame..kwann una lockdown wakati majority of Kenyans ni hand to mouth.

Poleni sana Wakenya, ishaurini Serikali yenu Huwezi kuweka Lockdown wakati most of kenyans ni Hand to mouth,
mtaua watu bure. See the attachment. Kenya is dying.

People don’t want to follow gov’t directives…simple as that. Social distancing, wearing of masks and washing hands is the only way to kick this thing out. Remember we don’t have a vaccine but the only way to fight covid 19 virus is to stop it from spreading. Waafrika wanaona kama hizi directives ni za kuwa punish but no it’s for yr own good.

Rest assured that if the West becomes Rona free they will lock out bonobos from their countries and issue travel warnings / bans to pple going to Africa

kwakua makenya ni majuaji