Shakilla: Lives in an 11 million aparto paid for by a jungu

am sure Vitu anafanyiwa na hao walami…ngai mwathani jeso

So She says…
White boys are not that stupid…
The minute he dumps her she will be back in Kayole and stripping in 3rd rate clubs for 2K per night…

A man who says jungu is a betachieth

Ulienda ukaconfirm? A bish will say anything to sell, true, she’s making money… [SIZE=2]probably… [/SIZE][SIZE=4] but tuseme ukweli it doesn’t matter, zote tunachase money, and she’s doing it how she knows[/SIZE]

Safisha macho na huyu shakilla…
Never SEEN her before

Who is Shakila na yeye hufanya mini kwa ujenzi wa taifa? Photo?

I honestly don’t know what the fuss is all about …
Flat Chest , …Flat Ass … :smiley:



Kama kuna dame machali wamejiondoa mbio mbio ni huyu:D:D:D


Si alisema amefagiliwa na ‘maceleb’ kadhaa,wengi walikana hio story design ya judas iscarrot:D:D:D

Are we discussing this immediately pre-wall chieth? Wanaume, let us respect ourselves.

Jalas lazima akule left overs.

Iii ni clout tu ya upuzi. Siezi amini. Nikupee keja ya 11 mill juu umefanya nini? Kunipea tu shimo ikona tumaji katikati for an apartment worth 11 million? Prolly anaishi Mahali na beta male flani. If I did that I’d suffer from chronic PNC.

[SIZE=7]Recognize and Avoid Women Who Are Damaged Goods! #CoachRedPill [/SIZE]

Was her insta live with Short Lanez in a dingy dark kitchen ya ki bedsitter and sasa ni 11 mill flat

Who is Shakilla? I only know of Shakira the Mexican singer

For some reason she is really interested in telling the public who is munching her.

Hoe business is rewarded in. Ke