Shakila interview

Enyewe God knew how to allocate parents coz if this and kiki wa ngendo were my kids we’d be talking murder by mother case. As you hear this girl was raised strictly, mimi mtoto wangu hawezi niangusha hivi. I brought you into this world and I can take you out. Hakuna kuentertain nonsense. Even if you are 40. Let alone 19.Crap.

I think she’s trolling…
She might be tighter than a 1/4 inch pipe.

Ati pipe gani? Haka ni jina kanaunda

Wacha nifikishe threshold ya mali then nimtafute nimlipe alafu nifikishe threshold ya kijiji nitakam na hekaya plus mbisha.

Alafu Georgina unakuanga na watoi?

Go easy on her, Truwoman. When you get your own you’ll be shocked at how lenient you’ll get. The girl is just trying to find herself, I think. But if you ask me, the two interviewers didn’t really get much out of her. She bested them.

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks

Jina gani?

Me lenient? Never. Ever.

You’ll change, trust me.

With a tattoo on her titties…nah. Huyu amechoka kukulwa na vijana wa bedshitter so is trying to get to the next level

Si unajua there is this class of dimwit girls that adores vera and the likes of Huddah Monroe. To they, they are brands, and am thinking Shakilla is eying international pussy hawking

Huddah is a smart woman. Natamani sana kummeet

If that is the case why is she in campus? Huyu ni kiboko tuu anataka. Doesn’t even know what she wants.

Tell her:D. I used to tell my friends that my kids will not make me wake up at night ever. If they are fed, no wet pampers atalia alale. That was BC (before children). FF to when they arrived…it is not unusual to see me awake at 2am…kama wamekataa kulala. I just cannot fall asleep…:frowning:

ebu tume picha inbox nijue kama nitawezana na wewe

sasa watu kama wewe wakifight huyu mtoto, si uwachane na yeye. we don’t like you cause of your attitude

It’s change you can believe in:D When something concerns a stranger you don’t care much, but if it’s your kid it bites. You can face anything to save them, that’s just how it is.

Mbishas nishatuma to a few trustees. Lakini never kwa inbox. Never ever. And that is after e-knowing each other for quite some time. Mbisha tunatuma kwa Whatsup.

Trudat and it is organic…furthermore I can’t believe my wining days are well and truly behind me :mad:. Kids and a hang’ee do not go well together…wanaamka 5am when your head feels kama kuna masaai morans dancing huko ndani…
But all good…V believe we are all healthier for it.

I like that it says socialite and I still don’t understand what the hell does it means? What does she do for a living? Parting and dating? I know that in our crazy world you can become famous by posting nudes on Instagram, but why they invited her to a tv show? Is she a good role model for young girls? I believe she’s not! I remember when my sister was her age the only thing she was carrying about was school and studying and getting a job. I remember the time when you had to work hard to get a house. And my sister sent almost 30[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)] email to different companies before she got her first job. What a bizarre world we are living in?