What is this?

Remember that fake convo he had with himself (or a kifaranga as i am strting to understand)pretending to want a name change because he was just an innocent user who didn’t mean to take on @Makonika’s name?

This is him finally throwing all pretense out the window and not giving a fvck if you take offense or not. Live with it.

@kijanamrefu so is this really @patco or @administrator or a product of both of their masterly trolling? Very impressive if I do say so myself.

The attempt at impersonating @Makonika is laughable… shait my a$$

hii nugu imefanya nikalike post ingine before:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: ghaseer,wacha nikaichuke

is that you @Mwarabu mweusi

Trump loves Patty and that’s all that matters:D

Niaje patricia


Clone ya kichwa bitumen