The age of caught on camera cant be bothered to warn oncoming vehicles…

What should we do:oops::oops:

Daaamn. They

Just kept coming and piling. And with such low visibility And the snow they were going pretty fast. Hapo nawezakuwa naenda snail pace… But then again it is a highway so maybe they do not allow low speeds


thats a pile up, shait… the visibility is nil

mad respect to ice road truckers

Where do you dump used oil?

he gives it out to people who want treat timber to prevent termite infestation and damage

but for real, the dude has a very valid question, @introvert , how do you dispose all the used oil

There’s a nduthiman who collects. I think he recycles.

try and find out what he does with it, this is one very interesting query , what about used spark plugs and filters ?

True, some I give out, and some is collected for a nduthiman to pick when volumes are enough.
Always be sure where you buy your oil because this oil is mixed with other things and repacked in containers of known brands.

To be honest, the waste management policy is wanting.
A heap of combustibles is burnt every weekend.
There’s a guy who sweeps every morning for bits of metal he can sell to recyclers.
I had to chase after him once coz he went with an irreplaceable yoke from my propeller shaft.
NEMA iingilie kati.