Shait is this for real

Way laid

holy shiet whats the story behind this??

Yaani hawa kdf hawawezi kuangusha angalau kamoja? Ama sio alsaitan?

Damn, what’s going on here?? Kudos to the kdf…

wat is

I think its a tactic.scare them away from the victim…


It was just a security drill.

Not real


hiyo yako sasa ni kujijazia na speculation…

Hi tuliona kabla the Dinka wa migrate South. Security drill


Something doesn’t make sense, the person who is recording the video who appears to be a lady records while the bandits are there comfortably and continues to do so after the police have come ama hii ni drill? The bandits pia wanaongea kama polisi?


polis na bandits huongeaje?

Who is that holding the camera?

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what was going on?

Wacha kujifanya hujui.

Izza mzee. I thought of alsaitan in those northern kenya regions.

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Yeah, I also wondered who the hell had the guts to record the thugs and police at the same crime scene. If he was mkora he would scamper for safety too.

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haki sijui…i only heard swahili which we all speak haki…

But if it is a drill why does it appear like somebody has been shot at the end of the video?

What is!!!?

Hahaha. Ati “lalia mtu”. Seriously?

You’ve never seen any St John’s Drills?
Anyway, perceived bandits neither fire back at the cops nor thoroughly assault their “victims”. Also, someone asks “mnatushtua aje”…

that should be sufficient to inform you it it a drill