Shaina takeover.

Rigathi Gachagua is right. Chinese foreigners have taken over everything in our economy. They come in the guise of building roads but end up being drivers, machine operators, hawkers and anything you can think of. It is time they go back to Chinkuland.

hapa kwetu mbona hatujaona “everything” ikiwa ime chukuliwa?2 chinese set up shop and folks get paranoid?but why na vile mume hapana Texas na hakuna watu wana wasumbua???

Kwenu ni wapi? Is there a tarmac road in the vicinity?

wow… Tarmac iko hapo kwako tu…the Chinese have taken over the whole country!let’s start kicking them out becuse they took your job-kuchoma mahindi.
wacha uvivu wewe jishugulishe na mambo yako

Chinkus are here to stay, I listened to The Grand Mullah on JKL, saying how money meant for kickbacks, on numerous Government project is arriving in the country as cargo pale JKIA. just keep in mind this money is being distributed to key decision makers in this country, we dont know what kind of side notes is accompanying this money.
kuna watu wanakula banaa, and the sad thing is, they don’t give a fcuk about the hustler nation, and don’t be fooled, King hustler DP mwenyewe has no solution to this, hata RAO hana lakusema.

banaaa elewa wako 2 billion , but mbona wasionge na Somalia waende huko watu 2 million ku rebuild somalia ?

Knowing how tolerant Kenyans are, as espoused by the saying, “navumilia kuwa mkenya,” tangu wanainchi wagutuke chinkus will have taken over every small and large business.

Someday, people will come to embrace the same ideas as Trump, including trade tariffs and hard line immigration laws.

Wee mluhyia, navile mnazaana huko kwenyu, si hii ni balaa.

Hustsler hana lake hii kenya, the cock suckers pale port have increased cbm to a staggering 100k per cbm

remember when the pasty matapakas came 200yrs ago with the pretence of teaching us the “word”? Well,the word was with god but the land was them,we are still following the “word”.I guess this time nituanze kutembea kwa hizo barabara tukimtukuza bwana:D:D

Somalis are bad news. They can’t put up with being dominated like sheepish Kenyans.

Kenyans docile nature is their greatest undoing!

Soon we are heading there.

Of course, on goods from shainaman. Isn’t that good news @Purple

Don’t be fooled, they want to drive the small man out ndio mabwenyenye watake over the biz

If small man is being pushed aside by bwenyenye, that’s no small man :smiley:

Africans and their leaders wanafikiria kama watoto. Chinaman anakutelea salvation na wewe unangalia vitu kidogo kidogo. Muhindi amekuibia billions tangu 1897 na hiyo huoni.