Shaija fatel aka makena strikes again again shitting on kobe's legacy

This woman is sick


Is she the same person who accused smitta of rape?


Alirudi kutoka exile after kuambiwa alipe damages?

Naskia ali sneak back into the country not sure kama alilipa

Alipe mochama damages kwanza ndio afungue mdomo

Her profile reads exiled kenyan whistle blower… These feminist dont know where to stop.

It’s just a dumba$$ trying to make a dollar, nothing new

:smiley: that’s because they move in a circle

Interpol waambiwe washike huyu mshenzi akuje alipe boy wetu pesa zake. nasikia aliingia mitini baada ya kuambiwa alipe boy wetu 10 mirrions.

That profile can grant her asylum in any 1st world country plus huge benefits. Hio tweet ya ku- accuse Kobe just raised her earnings. Sad but true.

A toxic feminist attention hoe


It does not help to bring up past stuff at such a time - I think its inconsiderate, it does not mean the man did not have issues, but he is gone and so we let it be.

On the flip side I find the extreme adulation a bit too much, he was good he was bad and that means he was a human being, and since he is not around to defend himself we let him rest.