Sh87m Cash Bail Deposits Missing At Judiciary. Kenya Is A Classic Example Of Sh!thole, FAILED Banana Republic

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Unscrupulous court officers have syphoned up to Sh87 million cash bail deposited with the Judiciary by suspects charged with various crimes.
A reconciliation of the Judiciary bank statements as of June 2020 revealed that the money was missing from Embu, Nakuru and Malindi courts.
Auditor General Nancy Gathungu, in her review of the Judiciary’s books for the stated period, said the statements revealed losses amounting to Sh87 million.


At least Sh2.7 million was lost in Embu, Sh84.6 million in Nakuru and Sh1.5 million in Malindi in similar circumstances reported last year.
Gathungu said the nature of the loss, recovery strategies and court proceedings on the matter were, however, not disclosed.
Last year, deposit records maintained by the Molo court revealed a loss of Sh34 million from the court’s accounts.
The query dating back to fiscal year 2017-18 cited theft by staff members who have since been dismissed but the matter has yet to be resolved.
“The matter was referred to the Director of Criminal Investigation and the Asset Recovery Agency,” the auditor said.

“In view of the foregoing, it has not been possible to confirm that the bank balance of Sh6.13 billion held in various commercial banks as at June 30, 2020, is fairly stated,” Gathungu said.
In what may expose the high prevalence of the cash-handling crisis at the courts, the auditor has further flagged an unexplained variance of Sh323 million.
The amount is the difference of the general deposits as stated in the financial statements and the analysis that was provided for audit.
Further, the management did not explain why the deposits payable from the stations of Sh6.5 billion differed with the cash deposits of Sh6.13 billion.
The management at the same time did not show how the resultant difference would be serviced, leaving in doubt the accuracy of the balances.
A similar incident was reported in the report for the year to June 2018 where Sh9.3 million was syphoned from the Milimani law courts registry.
The audit revealed that some officers executed the suspected theft through receipting of fees using parallel and fake receipts at the environment and land registries.

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Deposits at the court fall under a category called ‘non-voted provision’

it is by this very nature not government money

further, money cannot be said to be missing but rather misappropriated. i know the judiciary accounting system well, and i can bet my arab lineage that this difference is purely documentation differences. its not actual money lost

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