Sh4.8bn scandal rocks Office of the President .

yet another morning in .ke

Anti-graft detectives have unearthed an audacious attempt by dishonest state officials to steal Sh4.8 billion through fictitious security contracts in the Office of the President.

In an elaborate and brazen plot that has baffled EACC investigators, top officials in the State Department for Correctional Services irregularly awarded 10 classified tenders and were about to pay Sh3.6 billion upfront.

The State department oversees prisons and is domiciled in the Ministry of Interior, currently headed by Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

The contracts have now returned to haunt former Correctional Services Principal Secretary Alfred Cheruiyot who signed the contract before he was moved to the Department of Post Training and Skills Development by President Uhuru Kenyatta in July last year.

Prisons Commissioner General Isaiah Osugo told EACC he was not aware of the security contracts, some of which involved heavy artillery that is not meant for prison warders.

By the time hii fight ya UK na WSR itaisha they’ll have aired each other dirty laundry hadi mangotha bana.Scandal ikitoboka pande moja be sure the next day utaskia ingine from the other side.

But Ruto will be the ultimate loser…kitaeleweka

He might win because UK’s friend have stolen a whole lot more,he will claim his boss didn’t want to stop thieves(the buck stops at the top) and finally he will put up the “mimi ni mtoto wa maskini,state house si ya watu wako na jina kubwa pekee” defense.

a war Ruto side won’t win.

Dont be so quick to write him off baba.

umesahau vile kulienda 2017 Jubilee nomination? Ile hasira akina Kabogo walionyeshwa. Uhuru had to sacrifice them to save his own skin. Hio hasira usicheze nayo.

If he was able to maneuver in central and other parts of Kenya during nominations,just think how many people want to thank him for “helping” them get seats.Also akina kabogo wako na yeye hoping to get tapped as WSR’s running mate

Kisha unaskia an other headline screaming “Uhuru vows arrests over the 4.8billion theft attempt!” Arrests my rinkled ass!!! Someone should be preparing A FIRING SQUAD!!! Watu wanaiba kwa jina lako mpaka ultimately wameanza kuiba NA jina lako sasa and all you can do is to promise arrests???

Kenya tuibe mpaka tujiibe

Uhuru is the face of corruption. All he can do is pretend he is toothless and shift blame around. But come to think of it, the only purpose he vied for presidency was to protect his family’s illegally acquired wealth. That was Mama Ngina’s dream and it came to pass. Now Uhuru’s only remaining task is to groom his kids to take the mantle when time comes. He has fulfilled his destiny. All this talk on corruption and what not is not his battle to fight. Only Kenyans in masses can do that.

I agree with you in that part where you say dynamic duo watalipuana kabisa.

Hivo hivo umesema nilisema early last year. Hao wawili watalipuana hadi ukweli ijulikane. But the ktalk govt. spokesman in that same period was very busy saying there’s no enmity between the jubilant duo, ati hawajakosana.

And yet hii conflict ilianza day 1 na Waiguru vs Maryanne Keitany. Waiguru sacked Rugut at NYS na yeye scandal zake zikalipuliwa baadaye. Keitany said she won’t forget what Waiguru did to her tribesman.

Fast forward to 2019 at this rate naona kakinuka 2022. Mjamaa ataanza kustock pile panga na arrows. Just like 1992. Kama hamlipi deni, basi mhame R. Valley. Hata 92 Molo clashes zilianza hivi tu na mascandal.

Halafu wasapere wakaambiwa kama wameamua kuhama KANU na wamekataa ku support Nyayo who had supported Kenyatta, basi waende kabisa.

ruto all the way…izi sideshow mi apan tambua…watajua hawajui…dynasties zinaanguka 2022

Sioni ikifika violence.Naona itakuwa vita ya Old guard/money vs New money also loyalties will come into play.Trust me new money will win hands down because they know how to fight for it,hawaku kaa chini wakapewa na babu zao.Story ya dynasties kwisha.

Mimi my only concern ni vile sijaonja hizi pesa zinaibiwa.

I really hope I’m wrong juu kakanuka inaweza kuwa noma kabisa. Hapa hakuna kupelekana Hague, hii ni ile ya power grab. Juu ni either apewe kiti ama tumalize nchi.

And you are right ile pesa itacheza hapa sio mchezo. Ni ma war chest zitafanya kazi. And they are already amassing. Ni mjamaa unawekewa 10 billion juu ya meza, “I want to buy you and your whole community!”

kENYANS are naturally stupid we elected idiots lets suffer

Hapa kwanza WSR aki igiza the likes of Wanjigi and his ilk,awashow vile hawatfuatwa juu ya corrupt deals.Campaign itakuwa moto sana