Sh100K fine or 6 months imprisonment. Census manenos

You will be hit with Kshs 100,000 fine or be jailed for 6 months for;

  1. Failure to answer enumerators’ questions or giving them false information during the upcoming Population and Housing Census.
  2. Play hide and seek with the census enumerators and those who boycott the count.

Some of the sensitive things the enumerators will be asking include

  1. About stillbirths in the household, cause of deaths in the household and the identity of the biological parents of children in the household.
  2. Personal details like property ownership, number of wives, those living with disability, amount of money remitted by emigrants to households and whether any occupant of a household has albinism.

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]These are just empty threats. Si huduma namba was boycottedt and nothing happened.

Yenyewe sipendei vitisho…hapa kitaeleweka…kwangu ata kondooo haita hesabiwa…meffi ya gatheca

The house of Ngimanene haitahesabiwa

mimi now do i go back to the house to be “counded” kweli?

Sasa kama wanajua majibu yenye nitapeana, mbona wasikae huko kwa ofisi wajaze hizo form zao za ufala?

Watatushika wapi? Meffi wao na vitisho zao.Sihesabiwi!

Mimi kwanza hiyo siku nafunga nyumba siku nzima ikae ni kama haina mtu kabisa…

Nisipofungua kwani watavujna mlango? :D:D:D.