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Hapa Kazi Tu


Looks really good.

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Hii project lazima itaingia kwa mega structures

Pic 2… spectacular. Now imagine a train moving up there on that rail…

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Like it will soon.

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Tanzanians will be flocking just to watch our trains.


I posit that well taken photos such as this of our great republic can be used in place of the presidents potrait / government coat of arms as a symbol of national unity. I have noted even the biggest critics of the SGR construction mellow when they see this photos.
We can hold a competition every 5 yrs for photos to represent kenya and chose upto 50 to be used by government offices, our embassies abroad and any patriotic Wanjiku, Anyango and Chepkoech in their places of work. Safaricom has used this in its ads.


Pic one is on that 70s abandoned hotel that someone seems to be renovating is’nt it?

Those long distance lorry haulers will suffer a big blow soon. Great stuff.

NOT REALLY, the railway is on one corridor only, who will serve the rest of the country?

Like we are flocking to Addis to marvel at their trams?

This is just a start, I believe. Ama?

Yaani umeona uingilie Wa tz?

Nice. Huku ni wapi?

ni kenya tu

Mutura inachomeka ukitype hapa.

Matters engineering those guys respects us, but other matters that nyumba ya mumbi does, they hate us for it.

but musuveni hates your people guts also