management fee is 1 billion per month,
revenue is 5.7 billion per year,
God is great.
Their folly is exposed before our eyes.
The king is naked

Early man @FieldMarshal CouchP pitia hapa utupe “wosia”

And @spear too.

KNBS have been cooking data to convince us that the railways is generating profits kumbe its just another white elephant jubri chieth

The secrecy and vagueness surrounding this SGR project has ruined an otherwise viable project, fuck Gatheca!

Kenyans why are we doing things without critical thinking?

Jubilee + and gentlemen we are rebranding the Mombasa Port into the MingLing Port. We will take care of it for you for 100 years. It is a good thing. Think of it like the way you allowed others to take care of your wildlife.

Uta ngoja labda aweke paybill ya whitecap. Poor old chap.

@old monk called him “senile beggar” and said that he has pink handles in the site…but hey.

Naona baboons want to jerk off to my name? Knock yourselves out. Kenya iko sawa…

Believe it or not I said so yesterday in this thread. Hizi figures zao zinakuwaga cooked figures. Ati SGR moved 4.7 million tonnes of cargo and made some insane profits. COOKED FIGURES!!

Nairobi Mombasa Expressway… Our own Bagamoyo moment… - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

The thread can’t attract traffic until you mention raila

The SGR probably made kshs. 2.5 billion against operating costs of kshs 12 billion a year. This is a white jumbo.

Spear said that the SGR moved 4.7 million tonnes in 2018… govt. initially said 5,039,988 tonnes in 2018… and the new figure is a paltry 2,898,673… :D:D:D

Hizi figures zote wana guess. It is probably much lower.

It was just a conduit for Gatheca and his whiskey buddies to eat