-Our sgr has provision for electrification
-kenya does not need electric sgr due to erratic power
-kenya will get a loan from china kes 24b loan from china
-electrification of passengers and cargo sgr will significantly increase speed
-kes 24b is in fact not a loan

Contradictions kwa wingi. Which is which


Ūrauga atia?

Njohi ti thubu

Bangi sio managu!! @wildfrank huyu jamaa anasema nini? :D:D:D

What is it?

Confusing? Hii naye ni wizi wa kawaida, let’s wait for the official spin. Hapa Jubilee wanatutia Dole.


Contrary to what tumbilee sycophants would want us to believe under amorphous titles like jubilee development, we are fucked. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. Kuspin tuu ndio imebaki.

unajaribu kusema nini

sgr will be electrified, kuleni pesa ya mchina mchana usiku itafika mtombwe bila huruma. continue amassing unsustainable debt