SGR:Volcanic activities may split Rift Valley into two - expert

Sasa hii pesa ya SGR ya Delamare farm itakunywa maji tu hivyo!!!

The movement of the Earth crust and volcanic activities in the RiftValley are to blame for the current cracks in the region.

Geologist David Adede says the ongoing heavy rains across the country has little impact on what is happening.

Adede in an interview with NTV said the volcanic activities in the region is a clear indication of future disasters if not mitigated immediately.

I read this story the first time when I was in class 7 a few decades ago. I’m yet to get any scientific study to back it up. For the earth crust to split, it will take a catastrophic biblical event that will ruin the world. The force required will be enormous such that much of Africa and the world will be in ruins.

how do we stop a natural disaster, ata early warning systems hakuna

hata afadhali Rift Valley ingekuwa located along the Kenya - Somalia border. Tuachane na akina bingwa forever

but the pictures are saying otherwise…

i remember reading a publication titled expansion of the rift valley as a result of tectonic plate shift, it implied that the rift valley was expanding by a couple around 7 millimeters annually. The study had been carried out starting mid 90s and published around 2004

The other day i saw some figures being thrown around that the expansion is now at the rate of 2cms annually though it wasnt accompanied by the scientific data like the previous one, so its hard to know if they just threw in a figure or its factually correct

all in all, if there is any truth to the second figure, thats quite some serious change in a span of a mere 10 or so years

Tectonic shift is happening. Constantly.

Whether you believe it or not

watu wa natgeo hawajakam.

The question here isn’t whether there are tectonic shifts happening but the whether the crust will split taking away RV from the continent. I still maintain that is fiction and a catastrophic event to end all life on earth. Just imagine the massive earthquakes that take place when plates rub onto each other a bit. Tsunamis and category 8 earthquakes. Now imagine a split. The amount of force and energy needed will be equivalent to a million nuclear bombs going off simultaneously.

so now, this time, you know more than a celebrated geologist???

What do u take us for? Your morning fart?

Yaani mnasema nikinunua buroti Rift Valley itakuwa inaongezeka every year?

halafu itakuwa beach plot in 10 mirrion years

Input ya watu wa flat earth also needed here.

walianguka over the edge early this month

Najua ulihata class ya Geography nongwe hii but that’ exactly what’s going to happen. Ipatie kama 10million years. Na NFD itaenda pia.

@spear Think of it like a Nature Development project by Jubilee, it will be way more palatable.

kijanameffi unasumbua. unajua Kenya-Somalia border iko wapi?

Sitaki Nairofi na Mombasa ziende na bingwa sacco

Kuna mse chini anachapa dunia ngumi. Hence the shift.

Don’t care. This will happen long after we have all died and been forgotten.

Even the Indian subcontinent was once a part of East Africa millions of years ago but tectonic plates moved it, and still moving to where it is today