SGR vandalizes the National Language.

Exhibit 1.

This is an insult to Kenya. A random person off the street could’ve done a better translation than this but hey, Chinaman can do whatever he wants.


Aiii kwani is it the first Standard Gauge Escalator?

Why don’t you find out what can happen to someone due to playing about with/in an escalator.
It’s a contraption and has no independent brains of its own.
ION , I sincerely pity you for that kind of reasoning.

Dumbass did you read the notice ?

Kiswahili mufti na Walla bin Walla aka @xuma :D:D:D

Change the title, though I agree with your message.

I’ll vandalize you before I change anything.

Utajua hujui, as Hessy would say.

Ama ile ngoma ya Babu Gee - …‘Kujifanya unajua, na hakuna kitu unajua…’

The same way you go to a bank and wonder why there’s a warning about a slippery floor. …

Nope nobody questions safety notices. Only you. What were questioning here is building a Sh350 Billion SGR and not finding a few thousand shillings to hire a qualified Kenyan to translate the necessary notices. Instead they used Google Translate which thinks pets are kipenzi.

I thought engineers ni watu wa details? Bro, unaangusha taaluma.

Hehe…mtoto carriage.

You seem to have not noticed anything wrong with the swahili in the warning. Ama ulienda british system ya education?

Even the English is poor, why are you not complaining about it?

English came with sheep, kiswahili ni yetu.

Eti mtoto carriage.

[SIZE=5]8- HAKUNA KIPENZI KURUHUSIWA:eek::eek::eek::eek::(:frowning: [/SIZE][SIZE=3]SO arisababu hawawezi kuja na mbuzi zao? [/SIZE][SIZE=1]is this what they call animal husbandry? asking for a friend[/SIZE]

we don’t have to be grammatically correct while communicating in a foreign language. Kiswahili gets first priority as far as the east African national language is concerned.

That’s disgusting. Those notices should be changed with immediate effect.

They used google translate.

Alafu kwa bill ya SGR, utapata Translation services- 300,000$